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Private Membership Group

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  • Private Community Discord Chat ($27/month value)
  • Full Portfolio Access & Insights ($97/month value)
  • Trade Calls ($97/month value)
  • Monthly Newsletter ($47/month value) 
  • Spreadsheets, Tools, Downloads & More ($97/month value) 

Total Value: Over $365/mo 

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What Is The Investing Academy Private Membership Group?


The Investing Academy Private Membership Group is a monthly subscription service for investors of every skill level, complete beginners too. This group allows investors from all across Canada to follow along with the journey of the Investing Academy team. This includes following along with trade calls and portfolio updates, connecting with other members, and getting access to a ton of cool spreadsheets & tools used by the Investing Academy. 

Who This Group Is For 

  • People In Canada
  • Long-Term, Index, Individual Stock, and Dividend Investors 
  • Beginners Investors, Intermediate Investors, and NEW Investors
  • Someone With The Desire To Learn About The Stock Market
  • Someone Looking To Be A Contributor To The Group
  • Someone Seeking A Community Learning Environment 
  • Someone Wanting Assurance That They Are On The Right Path

Who This Group Is NOT For 

  • Day Traders
  • Swing Traders
  • Forex Investors 
  • Demanding People 
  • Negative People
  • Cheap People
  • Expecting A Get Rich Quick Scheme

Benefits Included With Your Membership




Get your questions answered from like-minded investors across the country.


Find our about our favourite Canadian/US/International stocks in Brandon's personal portfolio.

Resource Toolkit 

Dividend Calculator Spreadsheets, Research Checklists, Monthly Newsletters and More.


Invest with confidence with our team knowing that you're on the right path. 

All features below ARE INCLUDED as part of the Private Membership Group: 


✓   Private Community Discord Chat ($27/month value)

Meet other Canadian investors and the Investing Academy team to surround yourself with the right types of people.  

   Full Portfolio Access & Insights ($97/month value)

Get access to some of the best stocks in Canada & US by taking a peek under the hood at Brandon's exact investment portfolio. Every holding. Every position. 100% Transparency. 

   Trade Calls ($97/month value)

Get instant email updates when a trade is placed in the market. This includes all buys & sells. It only takes one solid investment idea to pay for your membership and more. 

✓   Monthly Newsletter ($47/month value)

Stay up to date with what's going on in the market with a monthly newsletter sent straight to your inbox. Stock ideas, market updates, member Q&A segment. 

✓   Spreadsheets, Tools, Downloads & More ($97/month value)

Download a variety of tools and spreadsheets to streamline your investing process. Find out about the exact websites used by the Investing Academy with video tutorials included. 

Total Value: Over $365/mo 

- For $19.95 CAD per month - 
YES! I Want To Join The Community For ONLY $19.95 CAD/month

Join The Community For ONLY $19.95 per month

That's less than the cost of your gym membership! 

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Hi Guys, A Quick Word From Brandon Here: 


When I Started Investing...


There was no such thing as a "private membership group...".... It didn't exist! 

To be honest... I remember building up my portfolio, and kinda feeling like a racoon, scavenging the internet for any morsel of reliable stock insight I could get....... HAHA

Looking back... the things I would've done to actually SEE what other investors were doing with their money... just a tiny SNEAK PEEK at their holdings is all I would've asked for... just to make sure I was on the right path...

Luckily for me, I ended up working at my father's investment firm for 4 years, watched him build portfolios for clients in front of my eyes, and realized that all I ever needed was a mentor to show me the way. 

If you're anything like myself, the BEST way to learn something is to observe it first-hand from people who ACTUALLY know what they're doing. 

If you're in the position that I once was... I'm building a community that I wish I had when I started out... I present to you: The Investing Academy Private Membership Group. 

I hope to see you inside. 

- Brandon


Join The Community For ONLY $19.95 per month

That's less than the cost of your gym membership! 

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Frequently Asked Questions: 

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The Investing Academy Private Membership Group

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