The Investing Academy 

Beginner Training Course

Are You Ready to Learn DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Investing in the Stock Market in Canada?


We'll take you from Ground Zero (Knowing Nothing) to having a Perfectly Constructed Stock Market Portfolio in Less Than ONE Week!


Step-by-Step, Easy To Follow Video Instructions and Ongoing Support.

  • Educational and Entertaining Videos
  • Full Support on our Online Community Discord Group
  • The COMPLETE online training program for New and Beginner Investors in Canada

Included in This Course

The Beginners Training Course includes lifetime access to 9 modules with over 60+ individual video lessons, a community chatroom, portfolio updates and trade calls, and on-going student support. 

✓   Module #1 - Let's Get Started 

✓   Module #2 - The Fundamentals

✓   Module #3 - Investment Strategy

✓   Module #4 - Investment Options

✓   Module #5 - Dividends

✓   Module #6 - Setting Up Your Account

✓   Module #7 - Researching Stocks

✓   Module #8 - Additional Lectures

✓   Module #9 - Course Wrap-Up


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Expectations, Stock vs Bonds, Risk vs Reward, Stock Terminology


Establish Your Investor Profile, Growth vs Value, Dividend Investing


Mutual Funds, ETFs, Stocks, Bonds.  Understand Investment Fees

Get Started

Open Your First Account, Build Your Portfolio, Order Types, Portfolio Rebalancing 


The Investing Academy Beginner Training Course is a course developed for new or beginner investors who are just getting started with the stock market and want to get started on the right foot.

This is the flagship program offered by the Investing Academy and has played the role in successfully helping hundreds of Canadians learn the stock market from scratch and build them into confident and competent investors. It is the complete A-Z training that you will ever need when it comes to long-term investing.

The training is extremely interactive with spreadsheets, downloads, and walkthrough tutorials so that by the end of the training you will have your portfolio completely set up and automated so that you can invest with confidence. 

The training includes lifetime access to the training videos, a full-time student support team, and access to the community Discord channel to meet and connect with other Investing Academy students. 


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Hi, I'm Brandon!


I feel like it was just yesterday that I was in your exact same position. A complete noobie to the scary world of the stock market. I know the exact fears and hesitations you're likely having because I was in those shoes too.

In 2019, I decided to create The Investing Academy, where I can help Canadians realize that investing in the stock market isn't nearly as intimidating as you think! 

In 2013, I officially began my industry studies. Over the years I have completed the (CSC) Canadian Securities Course, (CPH) Conduct & Practices Handbook Course, 90-day Investment Advisor Training Program, attended the Manulife Professional Development Workshop in Oakville, ON, the (WME) Wealth Management Essentials, became a fully licensed Investment Advisor at the age of 20, and of course, attended countless industry seminars, conferences & events to help further my learning.

I spent 4 years working in the field at my father's investment firm where I helped build and manage multi-million dollar portfolios.

I've also built a leading YouTube channel in the Canadian investing market which has grown to over 150,000+ subscribers. 

I'll be teaching you everything you need to know. 

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